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Heyloo fellow Annie Lovers!!

It's a shame that most of the Annie communities on live journal are just a little 'dead' :D
(Maybe I just haven't found the right ones..)
But I'll post, in case some poor soul comes along... And well, yeah. If they come along, HARRO!
(God, I'm not really crazy! I just really love Annie Lennox hehe)

I thought some of you might be interested (if you're not superdupercrazedfans and know already) to know the beginning of the Annie story....
Annie Lennox
3 years old *collective AWWW*

Annie Lennox choir
Obviously performing from an early age.... This is when she was 10 :) She's 3rd from the right. (If I'm wrong don't kill me!)

Annie Lennox 1970
And this is when she was 15.. I think she came first in something (in the middle). Obviously the prettiest one there! :D

So yeah. That's my quick little addition. Hope you enjoyed it :)
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